Privacy Policy

This "Privacy Policy" describes how we collect, use, and disclose information through the FashionPHD App and the website at “FashionPHD Site”).  Further, this Privacy Policy must be read in conjunction with our Terms & Conditions and, as applicable, the Limited Software Warranty and License Agreement, and the provisions of both such Terms are incorporated herein.  This Privacy Policy does not apply to data we receive from other sources or to other apps or websites (other than the FashionPHD App) or to any interaction you may have with Apple or its iTunes Store via your iOS device (including from within the FashionPHD App) or otherwise, or any other app that may be on your device.

The only personal information stored on FashionPHD is when you register with your facebook Account, we store your facebook id and username so you can use certain features such as posting a comment, we can retrieve your facebook picture too.This access is controlled from your Facebook account and can be switched off at any time in your own Facebook settings. The UserId and facebook name are stored securely in our database to which only authorized people have access. You do not share any personal information with third parties. You have the right at any time to request the personal information stored by us and/or to request full deletion of your personal information as it is stored by us. This deletion will remove your login details (FacebookId and username) as well as all associated posts for this username . This request can be made to the following dedicated email address and will handled in a timely manner.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, FashionPHD has no obligation to retain such account information and FashionPHD can provide no assurances and guarantee, and shall have no liability or obligation to insure, that following any lapse or expiration, previously established Profiles will be available or accessible upon reinstituting the App. 

How and When Do We Disclose Information to Third Parties? We will not share your Personal Information with third parties for those third parties' marketing purposes or for interest-based or "online behavioral advertising."  

Please note that your ’s interactions with a mobile or tablet device where FashionPHD is installed may involve Apple (or other device manufacturer or provider) and those interactions are governed separately by Apple’s (or such other party’s) privacy policies and terms.

We may send alerts or notifications to your device as part of the usage and features of the FashionPHD App.  These may include prompts or reminders to notify you of important information about the usage of the App.

Interactions with Third-Party Sites.  The FashionPHD App allows links to third party sites related to the source of the provided content.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on: May 25th, 2018